• Essential Words for the TOEFL

    Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

    Category: Test Preparation, Vocabulary,

    Authors: Steven J.  Matthlesen,


    Essential Words for the TOEFL By Steven J. Matthiesen Fifth Edition Paperback / 336 Pages / 6 x 9 / 2011 ISBN-13: 9780764144776 | ISBN-10: 0764144774 A list of approximately 500 need-to-know words with definitions is presented for ESL students preparing to take the T

  • Painless Vocabulary

    Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

    Category: Games, Vocabulary,

    Authors: Michael Greenberg,


    Painless Vocabulary by Michael Greenberg Second Edition Paperback / 304 Pages / 6 x 9 ISBN-13: 9780764147142 | ISBN-10: 0764147145 Titles in Barron's extensive Painless Series cover a wide range of subjects as they are taught on middle school and high school levels.

  • Essential English Grammar

    Publisher: Compass Publishing

    Category: Grammar,

    Authors: Jennifer Wilkins,

    Level: Advanced,Beginner,Intermediate,

    Essential English Grammar with Answer Key. A comprehensive reference and practice book for English language learners. Designed for intermediate and advanced students, it combines reference-style grammar explanations with focused practice activities.Features Student BookEasy-to-f